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Greg Beharrell

On the surface, it seems like Greg was born to host a successful radio show. But, just like frozen pizza cooked in a microwave, there was a real fear about how Greg would turn out.

Growing up, Greg wasn’t popular, and now he’s proof that the best people never change. You wouldn’t guess it if you’ve ever interacted with him, but Greg had a normal childhood. That is until the fateful day when he told his parents, “Mom, Dad, I want to work in radio.”

After the disownment, Greg began his career, and what would be a long and arduous journey that took him straight to the middle. It’s no secret that Greg prides himself on being a creative leader...which led to his self - imposed nickname: Creative Leader.

You can bet that The Greg Beharrell Show will do just that, show. We strongly urge you not to bet on Greg to place, or win

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Greg Beharrell
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